Biological Macromolecules Charaterization

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Collège STEE - Sciences et Technologies pour l’Energie et l’Environnement - Pau


Biological Macromolecules Charaterization


Introduction into proteomics and the related modern analytical methods (including proteomic mass spectrometry) for proteome analysis of biological organisms.

The following topics are covered:

  • Peptides and proteins; their structure and functions; post-translational modifications
  • The proteomic workflow
  • Sample preparation (fractionation, centrifugation, extraction, interferences, denaturation, reduction, alkylation, enzymatic digestion etc.)
  • Peptide and protein separation methods, gel electrophoresis
  • Proteomic mass spectrometry (ESI and MALDI, high resolution mass analyzers, tandem mass spectrometry, collision induced fragmentation)
  • Data treatment (fingerprint, peptide and protein sequencing, de novo sequencing)
  • Data bases
  • Bottom-up and top-down approaches
  • Exercises: analyses of spectra, peptide sequencing

Analysis, presentation and discussion of scientific articles


Interdisciplinary qualification is intended in chemistry and biology (with respect to proteomics):

  • Biochemical knowledge on peptides and proteins, knowledge in analytical chemistry on modern proteomic methods
  • Interpretation of mass spectra of peptides and proteins; peptide sequencing
  • Interpretation, presentation, discussion and criticism of scientific articles

Volume horaire

  • CM : 10.5h
  • TD : 9h


Contrôle continu 50% ; Examen terminal 50%

En bref

Crédits ECTS 2

Nombre d'heures 19.5h

Niveau d'étude BAC +5

Type d'enseignement

  • Formation initiale

Langue d'enseignement




  • Pau